Home History
2016H28Expansion Move: Hokkaido Heiwa
2015H27Business Person of the Year (Management's honoring Foundation)
Tokyo logistics center & factory expanded and renovated
2013H25Kyushu No.2 logistics center opened
2010H22Simulation Studio Tokyo expanded
Hokkaido Heiwa Mannequin and Toho Syoji Co., Ltd. merged as Hokkaido Heiwa Mannequin Co., Ltd.
2009H21Simulation Studio Tokyo opened
Eco leaf environmental label acquired at first in Japan in rental service
Ube Heiwa Mannequin Co., Ltd. joined as Heiwa Mannequin Ube sales office
2007H19Logistics inventory in Tatebayashi-shi
2006H18Tsukuba sales office opened
2005H17HEIWA MANNEQUIN(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. founded in Shanghai
2004H16Ryukyu Heiwa Mannequin Co., Ltd. founded in Okinawa
Waste recycling business registered
Industrial waste disposal business license
2002H14HEIWA(SUZHOU)METAL FIXTURE CO.,LTD founded in Jiangsu, China
2000H12Tokyo Logistics center & factory newly moved and constructed
1999H11Corporate Identity introduced with celebration of 50 years anniversary
1997H9Kyushu logistics center & factory scale-up and newly moved and constructed
1994H6Toho syoji Co., Ltd. joined to Heiwa group
1993H5Heiwa Service Co., Ltd. founded in Beppu-shi
1992H4台湾和平股份有限公司 founded in Taiwan
1989H1Computer division created.
1987S62Tokyo VD LAB opened
1986S61Mie sales office opened
1985S60Omiya sales office, Kyoto sales office opened
1984S59Tokyo Heiwa Mannequin Co., Ltd. founded. Osaka minami sales office opened
1983S58Kobe sales office opened
1982S57New building constructed in Beppu
1981S56capital participation to John Nissen
New John Nissen Mannequin founded
1977S52Chiba sales office opened
Business partnership with Belgium John Nissen Mannequin
1976S51Nagano sales office, Ohita sales office opened
1975S50Hajioji sales office opened
1974S49Product Management center opened in Beppu-shi
Hokkaido Heiwa Mannequin Co., Ltd. founded
1973S48Morioka sales office, Koriyama sales office, Niigata sales office, Fukuyama sales office, Miyazaki sales office opened
1972S47Sendai sales office, Yokohama sales office, Fukuoka sales office, Takasaki sales office, Yonago sales office opened
Beppu No.3 factory expanded in Beppu-shi
Yamagata sales office opened
1971S46Kanazawa sales office, Hiroshima sales office, Kumamoto sales office, Takamatsu sales office, Kagoshima sales office opened.
Product management center opened at same time in Tokyo & Osaka.
Tokyo planning depeartment opened, integrated with design software dept.
1970S45Beppu No.2 factory opened in Beppu-shi
1969S44Osaka branch, Nagoya sales office, Shizuoka sales office, Saga sales office, Kitakyushu sales office opened.
Mannequin Lab opened in Tokyo
Fixture design dept. founded in Tokyo branch
1968S43Changed into Co., Ltd. in January
1963S38Tokyo branch, Tokyo factory opened
1961S36Himeji sales office opened. Expansion of Beppu No.1 factory in Ishigaki Beppu-shi
1959S34Matsuyama sales office, Ube sales office opened
1957S32Sales office & factory opened in Okayama
1950S25Beppu Hamawaki factory Opened
1949S24Founded in Beppu-shi, Ohita