One salted plum “Ume boshi” in “Hinomaru Bento” lunch boxand shopping space.

Just white rice main lunch box “Obento”. The reason why those just rice lunch box makes you excite and it is good nutritionally is maybe one salted plum “Ume boshi”. There are many kinds of topping things like “Ume boshi”, fish powder, etc., the daily joy will be different whether this one point display and nutrition exists or not. We provide this just one point space display (“Ume boshi”) in the big shopping space and town (rice). It is difficult to change building and interior construction by the season and by the events. However, about one point space display, we can change the theme easily. This strong supporting infrastructure is our rental service. If one week from now you try to display something, it would be too late to order special fixture from nothing. If you use our tool and service infrastructure on that spot, you can make good display even in a week from now. We support various and brilliant display with speed through our rental service infrastructure.