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Privacy Policy: Heiwa Mannequin

1.Usage only for the purpose you accepted
We keep personal information within the purpose and use it after informing the purpose of usage and the correspondence.

2.No disclosure to third party without good reason
We do not disclose your personal information to third party without your permission or except legal necessity with proper reason by law.

3.Safe management
We keep personal information accurate and manage it safe. If we need to ask other to manage it, we audit and manage it with contract of obligation to deal with privacy policy as well as ours.

4.Your wishes
If you wish to open, modify and suspend the usage of your personal information, we quickly correspond your needs with reasonable area after confirming your identity.

5.Modification of Privacy Policy
It may be subject to change without notice by the change of society, progress of the technology, various environmental change.

6.Copy right
The copy right of this site http://www.heiwa-mq.co.jp contents(sentences, pictures, images, data, etc.) or those arrangement, editing and structure belong to Heiwa Mannequin Co., Ltd. Please refrain from those unauthorized usage (whole or partial website copy, sending, broadcast, publish, delivery, post, giving, renting, translation, usage permission, reuse etc.), transferring, modifying, commercial usage.